Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Massteroid Update 1.01:

When Massteroid was originally released on XBLIG during the summer, the trial mode included the same playable main menu, but only the 'Play' icon was collectable. The trial did not demonstrate the existence of all the other difficulties and goodies the game had to offer, confusing potential buyers into thinking they already had the full thing.

In response to this, we pushed an update that now displays all the playable modes on the main menu, with mode descriptive text when a trial non-accessible mode is chosen.

In addition we also made the following adjustments:

  1. Fixed Art: Cleaned up flame trail for the massteroid. Front flame's style adjusted to be more crisp.
  2. Planetary Obliteration: A older rougher cutscene found its way into the release. Now the final version, which has more fluid rock movement, is in.
  3. Balancing: The conditions for reaching each Gourmet ending were adjusted to give more likelihood for the 'gravestone' ending. Item spawn and massteroid decay for Endless were also slightly adjusted.
  4. Bug Fix: The numbers killed for the continental and city endings in classic mode could result in negative numbers. This has been fixed, and the possible kill values re-scaled.
  5. Bug Fix: Pausing during Endless mode's cash-out phase or selecting custom music through the Xbox Dashboard would cause game objects to stop spawning. This is no longer the case.